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Nirvana Yoga is a complete science of health, healing and ‘spiritual evolution’, founded and developed by Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan, a great humanitarian and spiritual master of this period. This system was developed through fifty years of scientific research done by Guruji. It is not merely a system of physical postures or its variations, but a wholesome system and way of life for physical, mental, social and spiritual well-being. This system has highly specialized yogic practices for curing different physical and mental health problems. It is a holistic system within an ethical discipline that leads to health, peace, happiness, love and wisdom.

Nirvana Yoga comprises a wide range of yogic techniques to remove the root cause and symptoms of ailments and abnormalities from the causal, energy and physical bodies of human beings. This system signifies functional integration at the highest level of spiritual-psychosomatic development enduring not only physical health but also a state of well-being at all levels of human life.

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Nirvana Yoga is a non-religious system of philosophy and science. Nirvana is the state of self-realization and total liberation from suffering. Yoga is the union of the individual self or soul with the universal Self. Nirvana Yoga is the five-fold path of liberation.

Nirvana Yoga is based on the 5-fold path- the processing and transformation of the body, mind and soul of a person, and moves through the 5 phases to the self-attainment or Nirvana. These are -

  1. Nishkama Seva (Selfless Service) – selfless service to the world is service to God. It is the potential to do service to all without any expectation. It enables a person to get detached from the ego and negative instincts of mind. Ego is the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ which is the cause of all sufferings.

  2. Sadhana (Yogic Practices) – It refers to the practice of yogic techniques for physical and mental health, and awakening of consciousness. It takes one through a process of complete healing of the body, mind and spirit. Sadhana or Yogic practices of Nirvana Yoga helps to remove the root cause of ailments and mental disturbances from subtler levels of human existence. These practices are broadly classified as

    • Asana Kriya - series of continuous physical postures

    • Asana - physical postures

    • Pranayama - yogic breathing techniques for the control of vital energy

    • Dhyana –Meditation techniques

    • Kriya – special yogic techniques of Nirvana Yoga which involves physical postures, regulation of breath and awareness

    • Araiki – advanced healing and meditation with universal energies.

    • Yoga Chikitsa Therapeutic Yoga

    • Psychotherapy

  3. Samarpanam (cede the Ego) – It is to give up the sense of ‘I’ and ‘mine’, which is the cause of suffering, and acquire the right knowledge about one’s Self and the entire creation from Guru.

  4. Samadhi – a state of deep meditation or spiritual absorption in which the individual transcends the mind and its modifications and undergo a process of healing and transformation at the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

  5. Sampoorna Layanam (Nirvana) – It is Self-realization and total liberation of the Soul from suffering and from the cycle of birth and rebirth. It is the state of total freedom where the mind disappears completely. The soul merges completely with the Universal Self. The physical body becomes a living embodiment of love and knowledge and truth, the actions being guided by the Universal Consciousness to transform the human society, from evil to good, ignorance to knowledge, hatred to love, and lead them to the blissful state of reality.

Health and Nirvana Yoga

The concept of health according to Nirvana Yoga is a state of balance and well-being at the physical, mental, social and spiritual levels. This system offers a wide range of yogic practices for achieving this state. The benefits of these practices are achieved through the following stages of unification (Yogam) with the universal energy, in Nirvana Yoga:

Sthula Yogam – unification at the physical level

The benefits achieved in this stage are:

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  1. Increases the flow of vital energy into the cell and tissues of the physical body.

  2. Balances the hyperactivities and hypo activities of the body.

  3. Enhances flexibility, muscle strength, stamina and vitality of organs and systems of the body.

  4. Develops immunity and prevents diseases.

Sukshma Yogam – unification at the mental level

The benefits achieved in this stage are:

  1. Reduces the uncontrolled flow of thoughts into a single thought, thereby improving concentration.

  2. Mental Strength.

  3. Enhances emotional stability through detachment from negative emotions.

  4. Removes stress and its root causes.

Bodha Yogam – unification at the consciousness level

  1. Awakening of consciousness.

  2. Mental Strength.

  3. Expanded awareness.

  4. Higher quality of life.

  5. Helps to transcend the negative thought impulses from the subconscious and unconscious mind and become virtuous to lead and happy and peaceful life.

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