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Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan


Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan, a great humanitarian and spiritual master (Guru), is the founder of Nirvana Yoga and Thapovanam Siddhashramam. He is accompanied by Her Holiness Madhavacharya in all His activities for the upliftment of mankind

The science and philosophy of Nirvana Yoga were developed by Guruji through sixty years of research and penance. He established the ashram with the mission of spiritual renaissance of the world for the development of mankind and nature. This is achieved through the development of each individual.

Guruji emphasizes the acquisition of true knowledge through the awakening of consciousness. It is possible only through spiritual transformation and purification of the mind. The realization of oneness in all beings, an attitude of selfless service to society and the right way of living are essential to creating a peaceful world.


Guru Madhavacharyan was born in 1950 in an illustrious family in Kudappanakkunnu, Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, as the son of Kamalakshi Amma and Krishna Pillai.


Guruji’s mother, Kamalakshi Amma was a holy person, who possessed many divine attributes. She guided her son on the spiritual path in different stages of his life. So was His father, K Krishna Pillai. He was a yogi who preserved righteousness in action throughout his life.

Guruji’s mother had the power of intuition that manifested in many experiences of extrasensory perception. One of these experiences was an intuitive vision of theft happening in a nearby temple in the village which she told the son. Later the villagers found that it had happened at the same time she had the vision and committed by the same person whom she had foreseen.

Another such experience was a conversation with a man whom she previously knew. He told her about some of his personal belongings and the place where they were kept and then he left. A few minutes later, one of the villagers came to the house, and informed her that this person had passed away a few hours before. The information about his hidden belongings that he had shared with the holy mother, was found to be true.


Guruji’s childhood was much different from that of other children. The inherent spirituality started manifesting from a very early period. He experienced unknown states of difficulties after sunset for years, which made him stay in the Lord Shiva temple nearby his family house for the whole night. Here the child was in a state of deep meditation. He was uncomfortable with the taste of spices and usually had food made of rice and jaggery that was moderately sweet. As a school student, He performed well in his studies. There was a strong spiritual quest in him to know the ultimate reality. He always wanted to experience the divine sight of God.

At the age of twelve, Guruji started learning and practising Yoga by himself. Later, he went to a reputed Yoga teacher in Kerala during that period. The teachings were mostly confined to the strenuous practice of asanas alone. Guruji was not satisfied with this kind of learning. The search for knowledge and self-realization took him to higher learning and intense practices (Tapas). At the age of sixteen, Guruji experienced strong vibrations of energy in the body due to spiritual awakening. The lower parts of the body became weak but there were strong and intense sensations in the head region. This was due to the awakening of Kundalini which increased the flow of vital energy to higher chakras. This situation continued for three years. Guruji transcended this state through the practice of Yoga.


At a very young age, Guruji entered social service. He became an active member of a large organization the youth. He believed that service to humanity is service to God. He was actively involved in the problems of the common man and tried to find permanent solutions for them. He realized that the evilness in society can be eradicated only by eradicating the evil within human beings. Guruji served the society for forty years through which he understood the problems of society and their root causes.

Mastering the science of Yoga and Spiritual Healing

During this period, he taught Yoga to the general public to solve the menacing problems of life. Guruji, through his research, explored the therapeutic applications of the existing Yogic practices. He conducted more than a hundred Yoga therapy camps across Kerala and organized several Yoga teacher training courses in association with Vivekananda Kendra. He learned and conducted research on many alternative healing systems. Guruji became a renowned healer in Kerala at the end of the twentieth century. He introduced the system of laughter therapy in Kerala and spread this system throughout the state.

The Spiritual Quest continues

Guruji learned the Buddhist meditation system called Vipasana which was being conducted as a ten-day intense meditation program at the Vipassana centres located in different parts of India. He travelled across the country and participated in this program more than fifteen times. Guruji realized that Vipassana alone was not sufficient to take him to higher levels of spirituality. While back at home, Guruji spent long hours in meditation that developed into a more deep-rooted meditation technique which in the later years came to be known as the Amasana meditation.

Establishment of the Ashram

In the year 2000, following instructions from his mother, Guruji established the Thapovanam Siddhashramam at Aryankavu, Mulayarathala, Kudappanakkunnu in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. This was the place where the family temple was formerly situated. By this time Guruji turned fully into meditation in search of the ultimate reality and the knowledge of a complete system for eradicating the problems of society. Guruji experienced the first intuitive vision of the divine and heard the spiritual revelation,

“The notion of relation and relative is inexistent. All that exist are mere bondages. Unwind the bondages and seek the true relative. Perform your duties selflessly.”

From here onwards, Guruji started receiving knowledge from the Almighty in the form of spiritual revelations about a complete science and philosophy for transforming lives from evil to good, ignorance to wisdom, ill health to positive health, and hatred to love. More than three hundred scriptures have been written to date, most of which are not published. The knowledge from these scriptures is being imparted to disciples, devotees and students of Yoga by Guruji through his discourses.



Guruji’s spiritual journey towards self-realization was being guided by the Almighty through premonitions; so was his communion with Her Holiness Madhavacharya. This divine soul Guruji’s better half was revealed to have accompanied him in all his pre-lives. She exhibited many spiritual attributes like clairvoyance and extra-sensory perception from childhood itself. She has authored several scriptures on life sciences, which are intuitive knowledge. She is a living embodiment of motherliness & is lovingly addressed by the disciples & devotees as Mathaji, meaning the divine mother. Mathaji accompanies Guruji in guiding the disciples and devotees on their spiritual path. She takes part in all His endeavours & shares all the tasks and responsibilities.


People from different places started coming to the ashram for spiritual guidance, and to learn Yoga for curing physical and mental health problems, and spiritual development. Guruji’s forty years of research and penance culminated with the attainment of Nirvana during the midnight of Shivarathri day on 8th March 2005. Nirvana is the state's ultimate liberation from the individual consciousness that happens through the complete merging of the individual soul with the Supreme Energy (The Adi Shunya Bala Shakthi). It is the final destination of the soul’s spiritual journey. Adi Shunya Bala Shakthi is the primordial energy that is the cause of all creations. Nirvana is the state of oneness with this Supreme Energy (The Adi Shunya Bala Shakthi). Because of this unanimity Guru functions as the source of that energy. In Nirvana yoga, the flow of this energy from the source to the practicing soul results in the transformation of the body & mind, removing the root cause of all imperfections and abnormalities. This is one of the most significant aspects that makes Nirvana Yoga unique and different from other systems.


The mission of Guru Madhavacharyan is the spiritual renaissance of the world by transforming lives from evil to good, ignorance to wisdom, ill health to positive health and hatred to love. Guruji says,


“Never be grievous about the past or anxious about the future. Yesterday has gone, Tomorrow is not yours. Live in the Present. Do the right thing at the right moment. This is the Art of Wholesome Living”.

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