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What is Araiki?

Araiki is a system of advanced energy-based healing meditation founded and developed by Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan. It was developed by Guruji as a complete solution to the problems faced by modern society, especially in regard to health and wellness, personal development and spirituality. Araiki helps to remove the root cause of the problems and not the symptoms alone, thereby enhancing an overall healing process of the practitioner at the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual levels. You will be able to experience advanced states of meditation very easily through Araiki because of the deeper level of healing that happens through self-practice or with the help of a master or healer.

Araiki advanced healing meditation helps to cure diseases of the body and mind. It can be practised even if you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment as it helps in increasing your self-healing potential which in turn speeds up the process of recovery from ailments. It helps to reduce stress, develops immunity, improves relaxation and increases the vitality of your internal organs and systems, thereby improving their functions. It has no side effects of the practice. This energy can be utilized only for a positive purpose.

The state of meditation that you attain through Araiki practice is incomparable with any other system of meditation because the advanced healing process happening through Araiki takes you to that state of meditation that a person can achieve only if he or she practices meditation consistently for at least 40-50 years.


Benefits of Araiki


  • Helps to cure diseases of your body such as hypertension, heart diseases, respiratory ailments, allergy, hormonal imbalances, diabetes, insomnia, back pain, migraine, PCOD, menstrual disorders, etc.

  • Helps to cure anxiety and depression

  • Develops immunity and strengthens the internal organs and systems

  • Helps to cure autoimmune disorders

  • Improves relaxation and concentration

  • Reduces stress

  • Enhance work-life balance

  • Adolescent health

  • Awakening of consciousness

  • Spiritual development


Learning through experience

Guruji says, “Do not believe in anything blindly. Learn from your experience.” The effect of Araiki healing meditation can be learnt only through experience. Whether you are participating in a healing session with a healer or you are learning the self-practice, you will have a profound experience of advanced healing, meditation and relaxation. You are not taught to visualize or imagine or perform any kind of mental exercises, because all these processes would only help you to take your attention away from your problems temporarily. But the problems still persist. During the


Araiki healing meditation session, you are just an observer or a witness to the real healing process that is happening and you are the experiencer of the result. That real experience will take you to the perfect state of health, peace and happiness.


 The Energy

Universal Energy is not just one. It is constituted by different forms of energy. The commonly known forms of energy are the Life force, Prana, Jeeva shakti, Kriya Shakti, etc. All these energies and even the material universe and all the life forms originated and evolved from a single energy source. This energy is called Adishunyabalashakthi. The etymological meaning of this term is the primordial force that existed before the creation of matter and energy. It is the source of all forms of energy and matter. One who practices Araiki or receives Araiki healing from a healer or master will receive energy from this source. While the conventional energy-based healing techniques utilize certain constituents of universal energy like prana and life force, Araiki system helps you to receive the universal energy in its complete form, which was the cause of the entire creation. This is why Araiki system helps in a deeper level of healing and takes the individual through advanced meditative states.

The Origin

Araiki system of advanced healing meditation is founded by an enlightened spiritual master, Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan. Anyone who gets attuned to the practice of Araiki or gets healed by a healer of the Araiki system will be receiving energy from the Guru, who has attained the supreme state of spirituality and the highest state of consciousness. Therefore, the limitations of the healer or practitioner in receiving the complete is gradually removed and they are elevated to higher energy states which deepen the level of healing and produce tremendous results.

Upliftment of Mind

Unlike other healing systems, Araiki helps in a permanent transformation and upliftment of mind to higher emotional states. This helps the practitioner to transcend emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, intense desires, arrogance, infatuation, etc. and develop positive qualities like love, compassion and truthfulness. It becomes a part of the personality and helps to lead a healthy and positive way of life.

Heals the three bodies of the Human system

The human system is constituted by three bodies - Physical, Energy and Causal. The root cause of all the problems lies in the energy and causal bodies. Physical and mental health, emotional state, lifestyle, relationships, family, social interactions, work-life balance, intellectual capabilities and spiritual well-being of an individual is determined by the state of functioning and energy flow in the energy body and causal body. Unlike the contemporary healing system, Araiki helps to cure the disorders and imbalances of the energy and causal bodies by raising the energy levels to higher states and creating an intense flow of energy in all three bodies. This helps to eliminate the root cause of all problems of the practitioner and enables him to lead a healthy and peaceful material life, and a spiritual life of a higher order.

Araiki is the Path of Liberation

The practice of Araiki leads one to the state of liberation. It offers a permanent solution to suffering and helps in the awakening of consciousness to attain spiritual wisdom. This helps you to perform your duties of material life with a sense of detachment and utmost happiness, and stay connected with the universal source. You will become a medium of the source to spread peace, happiness and wisdom across the world.

Araiki Distant Healing

Araiki healing can be given in distance by a healer to any individual residing anywhere in the world, to solve their problems related to curing diseases, reducing stress, enhancing deep relaxation and better sleep, developing immunity, improving relationships, better quality of life, mental and spiritual well being etc. Here the healer becomes a medium or channel to transfer the energy from the source to the receiver to get achieve the purpose of healing. Since the energy is received from an enlightened spiritual master, the healing process would be much deeper and results would be much higher as compared to the contemporary healing systems.


To spread authentic healing practices and for people to get benefitted from them, we offer Araiki distant healing sessions to whoever is in need.


Book your consultation and healing session with a master of Araiki for the most powerful healing experience that will transform your life.

How to Learn Araiki


Araiki First Degree

Araiki can be learnt only from a master through the process called Attunement. Through this process, the learner will be able to get connected to the source of universal energy and utilize this energy for the purpose of healing and meditation. In this process, the master serves only as a medium of Guru, the founder of the Araiki. Once the practitioner gets connected, he can receive the energy from the source and perform daily practice by placing the palms on the body at various points on the body which are major junctions of energy channels. An intense flow of energy happens through all three bodies of the human system which undertakes a deep healing process. The practitioner will be able to experience the process, in the form of sensations in the body, and the result in the form of improved physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. This is the first degree of Araiki.


Araiki Second Degree

After getting Araiki attunement from a master, one who practices Araiki for the next thirty consecutive days will become eligible to receive the second degree of Araiki that involves the second attunement and practice with powerful symbols of Araiki.


Araiki Second Degree Advance

Regular and systematic practice with symbols for the next three months will transform the practitioner into a healer. Now onwards he becomes eligible for the second-degree advanced level of learning where he learns how to heal others and the techniques to balance energy in all the chakras and meridians of the body.


Araiki Third Degree

The third degree of Araiki involves intense practices of meditation, kriyas, selfless service and learning which helps in the overall transformation of the practitioner and healer to higher states of consciousness.

Araiki Master

The masters of Araiki are decided by the Guru, the founder of Araiki system, as they become eligible. At present, there are only five masters of Araiki. Only the masters can give attunement to a person to get connected to the source and start practising Araiki.

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