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Our Vision and Mission

The ashram was established by Guruji for the Spiritual Renaissance of the world. Spiritual Renaissance refers to the transformation and purification of the soul or spirit, thereby raising the level of consciousness for the acquisition of true experiential knowledge about the Soul. This alone will help people to remove ignorance and know the metaphysical reality about themselves and the cause of the entire creation, to create an eternally peaceful world free from stress, conflicts, and violence.

Thapovanam Siddhashramam is engaged in service initiatives for the development of society. It emphasizes the development of each individual to create a better community.

The aim is

  • To propagate the oneness of all beings beyond the barriers of caste, creed, religion or sex.

  • To propagate Yoga and related sciences for the overall development of human society.

  • To create a healthy and peaceful society.

  • To conserve nature and maintain the ecological balance.

  • To inculcate ethical and moral values into human society.

  • Healthy food for all.

  • To create a generation with knowledge, wisdom, health, and love for wholesome living.


The teachings of Guru Madhavacharyan are of great significance to the modern world. Truth, knowledge, selfless service to society and righteousness are the four pillars of the ashram's way of life. More than three hundred scriptures, still remaining unpublished, have been written by Guruji in the form of spiritual revelations. These scriptures are a source of in-depth knowledge in the field of Yoga, Philosophy, Life Sciences, Astronomy, Genetics, Metaphysics, Indian systems of medicine, Evolutionary theories, etc. The knowledge from these scriptures is being spread to the people through Guruji’s discourses


All the activities of the ashram are guided by Guruji’s philosophy of oneness and selfless service. The disciples and volunteers are constituted of people belonging to all religions and many nationalities.

“All Are In, All Are One, All Are Equal”

“God Dwells in Selfless Action”

Holistic Health

A Department of Yoga is established under Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust for the promotion of positive health and also to utilize the benefits of Nirvana Yoga to find effective solutions to problems like stress, stress-related health problems, lifestyle and psychosomatic ailments, degeneration of moral values, increasing crime rate, substance abuse, psychological disorders, etc. The department has introduced various courses for positive health, personality development, and stress management. The yogic techniques developed and propagated by Thapovanam Siddhashramam have helped thousands of people to achieve health, peace of mind and spiritual well being.


Way of Life

The education and healthcare model and way of life spread by the ashram through the science of Nirvana Yoga helps to:

  • Impart and realize the knowledge about oneself

  • Attain a healthy body and stable mind by removing the root cause of diseases and imbalances

  • Understand fellow beings and society

  • To conserve nature and maintain the ecological balance.

  • Learn the ethical, moral and social values

  • Execute one’s duties and responsibilities towards the self, family, society, and nature

  • Lead a peaceful life with a sense of oneness of all beings

  • Live in the present.


The Ashram is governed by Thapovanam Siddhashramam Trust, a registered non-government public charitable organization. It is a multifaceted organization with a strong knowledge base, ethical discipline, and dedicated volunteers. Many service projects and initiatives are being undertaken by Ashram for the development of society. As a recognition of the service initiatives undertaken by our organization, it has been registered under section 12A and 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. All donations made to the ashram are eligible for tax exemption as per these registrations.

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