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Thapovanam Siddhashramam, situated in Kudappanakunnu, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala is a decades-old establishment with deep spiritual grounding and a large amassment of knowledge. The ashram was founded by Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan, an absolute spiritual master and a great humanitarian. It is the spiritual heart of Nirvana Yoga Global. Before the establishment of the ashram, Guruji had been travelling throughout India spreading the wisdom of Yoga, helping people to experience the true essence of spirituality & healing them to liberate themselves from sorrows and diseases.

Guruji, through 60 years of research and penance, developed the wholesome system of yogic science called Nirvana Yoga, which has helped thousands of people to achieve health, peace of mind and spiritual awakening.


Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan, a great humanitarian and spiritual master (Guru), is the founder of Nirvana Yoga and Thapovanam Siddhashramam. He is accompanied by Her Holiness Madhavacharya in all His activities for the upliftment of mankind.


Araiki is a system of advanced energy-based healing meditation founded and developed by Poorna Guru Sri Sree Madhavacharyan. It was developed by Guruji as a complete solution to the problems faced by the modern society, especially in regards with health and wellness, personal development and spirituality.


Nirvana Yoga is a complete science of health, healing, spirituality and way of life developed by Guru Madhavacharyan. It emphasizes on an overall development and well-being of an individual at the physical, mental, intellectual, social and spiritual levels. This system consists of a wide range of yogic practices within an ethical discipline that helps to attain perfection in action at all stages of human life


NishkamaSeva (Karma) or selfless service is the purpose of human life. One who performs service for the goodness of others, with the realization of one’s own Self, fellow beings and surroundings, and with a sense of detachment to the fruits of the action, is said to be doing Nishkama Karma.

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